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  "Your place is absolutely fantastic."
R.M. (4/8/16)
  "It [the HD Golf™ simulator] knows me better than I thought."
M.W. (4/5/16)
  "I got to tell you, this place is awesome."
B.L. (2/15/16)
  "Super cool!"
D.F. (1/7/16)
  "This day can't get any better."
P.B. (1/20/16)
  "This is very realistic. Just like we play on the golf course."
A.L. (1/13/16)
  "I love this place."
R.S. (12/26/15)
  "Count me in for the holiday league....I am having a blast in the Fall league."
S.C. (11/8/15)
  "I can’t believe how realistic this is. I hit a pitching wedge 117 yards and I hit it barely a little heavy and it came up 5 yards short!"
T.M. (10/23/15)
  "Thanks again for a great time at Baylinks. Looking forward to my next visit."
D.C. (10/13/15)
  "Awesome! It's the coolest place."
N.C. (10/3/15)
  "it was a lot of fun ... great setup you have ... i'll be back often ... thx again"
T.L. (3/11/15)
  "This is a pearl."
C.R. (1/28/15)
  "My husband came to your facility for the first time last week and raved about it!"
K.K. (1/27/15)
  "We played Pebble Beach and it was very realistic. I have been out there a few times and played it."
L.C. (1/9/15)
  "We had a great time last night, as usual. You run a great operation there."
S.U. (1/8/15)
  “I just want to say thank you on behalf of my group for giving us a very good time. You and Bobby were very helpful and nice and were ready to cater to whatever we needed which was great. Chris and I are the only avid golfers in the group and we were very impressed with how well we thought the machine worked. We talked about it all night... I'm sure we'll be seeing you again soon.”
R.S. (1/04/15)
  “This is like every man’s dream... to have one of these in their basements.”
M.Z. (4/3/14)
  “[W]e thank you for allowing us to hold our event at Baylinks last night. You went above and beyond to make sure everyone was comfortable and having a great time... We look forward to holding more events at your facility in the future.”
M.H. (3/28/14)
  “The field goal game has been epic. The guys love it.”
R.L. (3/22/14)
  “Hey, do you have bunks?”
D.T. (3/20/14)
  “Thanks, it was so much fun.”
S.H. (3/19/14)
  “Everyone had a blast.”
K.F. (3/18/14)
  “This is all he’s been talking about for two months. I’m going for ‘Best Wife Ever’.”
R.M. (3/18/14)
  “I...recently had the pleasure of spending an evening playing Pinehurst #2. I had never done something like that and couldn’t believe how realistic it was!”
A.O. (3/4/14)
  “My buddy was here last weekend and told me about it. I came the next weekend. This might be the only time I get to play St. Andrews."
R.G. (3/1/14)
  “Just a quick word about Baylinks – fabulous. I really enjoyed my first experience and look forward to many more. First class operation.”
T.R. (2/24/14)
  “It’s the highlight of my day by a mile.”
B.D. (2/23/14)
  “That’s pretty cool. That’s what I would consider to be pretty normal for me...I thought my carry distances on my irons were spot on.”
M.W. (2/19/14)
  “I’m living here. Give me a cot.”
B.D. (2/19/2014)
  “This is pretty sick.”
J.T. (2/19/14)
  “It simulates what I do on a regular course. You have to play it the same way.”
T.S. (1/23/14)
  “That was great again. Love this place.”
J.D. (1/12/14)
  “Ah, see, there it is. There’s the quick duck hook.”
A.F. (12/24/13)
  “It’s a pleasant way to spend an evening.”
A.E. (12/22/13)
  “Whose birthday's next?”
— M.B. (11/23/13)
  “We’ve enjoyed it every time we’ve been there.”
— J.M. (11/23/13)
  “So much fun!!! What an amazing experience, we can’t wait to come back!!”
— J.G. (9/29/13)
  “Can I live here?”
— R.H. (4/12/13)
  “Bob, I wanted to thank you again for your generous hospitality yesterday. We had a great time at Baylinks and can’t wait to come in again! Not only do you have a state of the art facility, you found a creative way to differentiate yourself from anything else that I have seen in the industry. I feel that this is a great place for me to analyze my swing and improve my game all while having fun! I wish you much success.”
— A.J. (4/4/13)

“A few weeks back, my buddy and I had come in to play our 1st round of indoor golf ever and I personally was very impressed. It was a very positive and fun experience that has changed my viewpoint on how realistic and fun a virtual game of golf can be. Congratulations to the entire
Baylinks team!”
— B.B. (3/28/13)

  “It’s so realistic. It’s just the way we play (LOL).”
— K.W. (3/10/13)
  “The boys had a wonderful time golfing. Your facility was perfect for the 50th birthday! Thank you.”
— S.J.S. (3/4/13)
  "See, this is one of the few times rangers are not telling us to pick up the pace."
— S.K. (2/26/13)
  "This is a realistic shot. I’ve been here [PGA National] before.”
— S.R. (2/3/13)
  “That’s exactly how it [Bethpage Black Hole No. 1] looks, that’s for sure.
Tough getting around that corner, too.”
— P.S. (2/1/13)
  “That’s exactly what I hit a 7 iron. Amazing, isn’t it?”
— M.G. (1/27/13)
  “I closed my driver 5 degrees, and I’m 20 yards longer.”
— G.T. (1/19/13)
  “It’s disgustingly accurate.”
— M.L. (1/12/13)
  “This is one of the best birthday presents I ever got. A lot of fun.”
— K.W. (12/9/12)
  “I know my clubs and I know my distances. I’m just surprised how close it is.”
— M.F. (11/24/12)
  “It picks up that spin nicely.”
— S.G. (11/13/12)
  “When I hit that little knock down shot, it usually fades a little bit, and that’s exactly what it did.”
— D.B. (10/18/12)
  “As I stepped foot into Baylinks Golf, my perception completely changed. This is not a substitute for Golf, but instead a beautiful establishment built for a wonderful adult night out with friends, your partner, or co-workers. The owner, Bob Murray, is extremely helpful and professional and greets you at first notice. Bob will show you to your Bay, get your party settled, and make sure your experience is far from par.”
— R.S. ( - 6/14/12)
  “You’ll be taken back by the size of the screen and how real the scenic Golf course appears. What took me by surprise is that you actually use real clubs and hit the ball like you are actually playing! The ball whips at the screen and then keeps on going as it flies through the air and trickles onto the fairway (wishful thinking). It’s truly a marvel.”
— R.S. ( - 6/14/12)
  “I knew that things were tough for him. He really enjoyed the visits to Baylinks. His wife told me he told all his friends about his visits. I had the feeling that might be the last times [he] would have a golf club in his hand. [He] passed recently. I was so glad I was able to spend some quality time with him at Baylinks.”
— K.L. (5/30/12)
  “I just wanted to thank you for all your time on my visit to Baylinks. You went over and above my expectations, both in your hospitality and Baylinks Golf itself. I wish you continued success.”
— B.S. (5/29/12)
  “What a fun time celebrating anniversary #38 at Pebble Beach Golf Course. Bob is a great host!! Loved hitting from the simulated sand!! Technology is wonderful!!”
— P.V. (4/21/12)
  “I’m discovering a lot of things about my swing I never knew I had.”
— J.W. (4/10/12)
  “Thanks for all your help. You have a wonderful venue there.”
— H.A. (3/5/12)
  “I know that the Golf Committee and their guests enjoyed playing Pebble Beach without the commute and jet lag.”
— V.F. (2/20/12)
  “We truly enjoyed our time at Baylinks a few weeks back. Not only are me, my father, and father-in-law figuring out the next time we’re going to come, I am planning a day in [the] next few weeks to come with three of my buddies from college. Your facility is top notch and we enjoyed every minute of our experience. You were a great host!”
— M.G. Jr. (2/5/12)
  “Your system captured my button hook perfectly.”
— M.H. (12/28/11)